Six Bergen inviterer: Inkluderende innovasjonsmiljø

Dato & tid
06.12.2017 09:00 — 06.12.2017 10:00


Sted: Impact Hub Bergen, Holmedalsgården 3

Hør Tøyen Unlimited og Nav snakke om inkluderende miljø for innovasjon og entreprenørskap, på Impact Hub onsdag 6. desember

Publisert 29.11.2017

SIX Bergen - Social Innovation Exchange Bergen is a series of monthly, informal meetups with coffee and conversations about social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The topic for this month is ‘’Inclusive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship’’ and we are so excited to announce that Sarah Prosserfrom Tøyen Unlimited and Erik Werner from Nav will join us as speakers this morning. 

Sarah works at Områdeløft Tøyen in Oslo, and founded Tøyen Unlimited to make use of the ideas, resources and talents in the local neighborhood and empower people to use their skills for social innovation. 

Erik works in NAV Eures, and will guide us thorugh NAVs services and initiatives for an inclusive environment for entrepreneurship. 

As usual there will be time for both questions and discussions and we stop at 10am sharp, so people can get on with their day. Although from the previous events we all know most of us will stay for another coffee and continue the discussion. No pressure.